HOTEL “Dinara” LIVNO - well known “brand” in entire region and wider, excellent for business banquets, starting from informal companies of employees of different business subjects till symposiums, seminars, congresses of international missions in Bosnia and Herzegovina which have been held on regular basis in our house with one great support and help of our well educated personnel.
We are able to organise also different kind of parties (birthday parties, some family celebrations, anniversaries, weddings, celebration of different holidays etc…); presentations, exhibitions with cocktail parties and some other events with a special ambient, great professionalism and quality which offers “DINARA” hotel only.

We have a great experience in that matter to provide a service. The list of our users is bigger and bigger what demonstrate the quality of our service, imaginativeness, the way of serving and kindness until a special ambient that you can find in DINARA hotel only.
Parties and cocktails became our speciality. Besides “OFFICIAL LUNCH”, OFFICIAL DINNER, OFFICIAL BRUNCH, COFFEE BREAL we are able to prepare a “SPECIAL BUFFET” on different way prepared only by top hotels depending on the guest profile.

Concerning the menu, there are two options. The first one is your free choice and second one is ours, which is going to be arranged by your needs and wishes in accordance to following criteria:

- number of guests
- time, date and duration of events
- type of celebration
- profile of guests
- budget

There is an inveterate rule to serve food and beverages during the meetings without vesting of your precious time:
- coffee break – warm and cold beverages
- brunch
- finger food
- business classic lunch
- official buffet lunch
- official buffet dinner
- prestige buffet lunch or prestige classic lunch (house delicates with excellent aperitifs and vines)


- finger food – well done and tasty nips
- different cold dishes: smoked ham, cheeses, cutlets, vegetables
- meat dishes: veal meat, chicken, beefsteak, rum steak, mince meat
- sea and freshwater fish, frogs, shells, and frutti di mare
- warm and cold dishes – risotto, pasta, lasagne, pies and pizzas
- grill: meat and vegetables, (chevaps, hamburger steaks, grilled pork meat on the stick(type of shaslik), cutlets, schnitzels…
- vegetarian dishes
- different salads made of vegetables, meat, pasta, rise, sea food
- desserts: fruits, creams, ice-creams….